About us

June 23, 2016

Solreca is a company in the industrial sector. As a specialist in welding and boilermaking, it was created to fulfil all the needs of the metal industry.

The key to the company’s strength lies in our professionalism, our commitment and our offering of an integral service. We add value through the quality of the service we offer, from the beginning of a project through to its delivery, with 100% communication and availability from customer service, flexibility and drive throughout the implementation, leading to the delivery of a product that meets your needs exactly. Within this line of work, we inspire confidence from our clients and this results in a loyal relationship. For Solreca, working with the best suppliers in the industry is of the utmost importance.

Range of work covered

Our wide range of experience enables us to take on any engineering project involving welding, principally identifying a set of skills with high added value.

  • Specialists in the welding of special materials: Austentic and martenstic stainless steels, duplex and super duplex steels, nickel-based steels, aluminium alloys, carbon steels with a high elastic limit.
  • Turnkey project: our project managers can oversee and implement any type of work as we have a network of collaborators/partners which enables us to meet any requirement.
  • Assembly/installation
  • Maintenance of industrial installations
  • Advice and consultancy for developing welding procedures, as well as production implementation.

Philosophy and values



Integral service


The company considers these values to be its founding principles. We believe that these are behind our lasting business relationships and the loyalty of our customers.