Welding and Boilermaking


We comply strictly with the relevant regulations for all products.


Management system

UNE EN 15085 CL 1

Railway Applications


Quality Requirements for Welding

UNE EN 1090 EXC-2

Structural steel components
(CE Marking)

Previous projects

This is just a few of the jobs we have carried out for a wide range of sectors.

About us

Professionalism, commitment and integral service are the keys to our success.

Over 20 years’ experience in boilermaking and welding.

Solreca Soldura, is a young company that began in 2007, founded by a management team with over 20 years’ experience in the boilermaking and welding sector. It specialises in welding special materials: Austentic and martenstic stainless steels, duplex and super duplex steels, nickel-based steels, aluminium alloys, carbon steels with a high elastic limit.

The key to the company’s strength lies in our professionalism, our commitment and our offering of an integral service. We add value through the quality of the service we offer, from the beginning of a project through to its delivery, with 100% communication and availability from customer service, flexibility and drive throughout the implementation, leading to the delivery of a product that meets your needs exactly. Within this line of work, we inspire confidence from our clients and this results in a loyal relationship. For Solreca, working with the best suppliers in the industry is of the utmost importance.






Integral service




Solreca bases its quality management system on ISO 9001:2015, the most recent and stringent version to date. Furthermore, Solreca complies with the following standards UNE-EN 1090, the CE mark in boilermaking, and the 15085 Class I, for the welding of vehicles and railway components, supported by a team of highly experienced professionals, qualified in the use of TIG, MIG/MAG and SMAW, in both ASME and UNE standards, and complemented by Level II Welding inspectors certified in both Visual inspection and Penetrant Liquids

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